1. How Does Supporting Artists at RATlab Differ from Patreon?
Unlike Patreon, which allows individual support for creators, RATlab is a dedicated membership club where resources are pooled collectively to champion musicians. By joining, you're diving into a rich ecosystem aimed at holistic artist support.

2. What Does My Membership Fee Fund?
Your fee, merged with other members', funds artists, studio times, and other crucial artist services. Plus, as a member, you'll help decide where funds are directed.

3. Can I Select Which Artist to Back?
RATlab functions as a community. Each year, all members vote on which artists the club will endorse.

4. Any Member-Only Content?
Absolutely! Enjoy early music releases, insider access to artists, exclusive events, and more.

5. Can I Upgrade My Membership Later?
Certainly! If Lifetime Memberships are available, you can upgrade anytime.

6. Can I Refund or Transfer My Membership?
Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

7. What If All Memberships Are Taken?
You'll be placed on a waiting list and informed once a spot opens up.

8. How Do I Stay Updated on Club Activities?
Regular updates will be shared with all members.

9. Can Organizations Join?
Yes! We’re curating special membership packages for corporate, non-profit, and educational entities.


1. How Does RATlab's Support Differ from Patreon's?
While Patreon is more about individual financial support, RATlab offers robust resources such as studio time, networking, and more. Our community-centric approach means you focus on creativity while the club backs you up.

2. How Are Artists Financially Supported Here?
We allocate grants funded by membership fees. Annually, up to 100 Premier Artist grants and 3 Legendary Artist Grants are awarded.

3. Who Can Apply for Grants?
Every RATlab member! Just share your journey with the club, and the membership will vote.

4. What if I’m Already Under a Record Label?
Absolutely fine! But recordings funded by RATlab could still be owned by your label. We can provide assistance in varied forms, from reclaiming your rights to strengthening your label relationship.

5. What Kind of Support Will I Receive?
From financial backing for recordings to a worldwide network of professionals and the RATlab member community, we’re here for you.

6. Does RATlab Own My Music Rights?
No. We’re all about supporting, not owning. Your creative freedom remains untampered.

7. How Do I Engage with the RATlab Community?
Utilize our platform to mingle with members, share updates, and collaborate with artists. Plus, stay tuned for regular club news and events.

Frequently Asked Questions